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Organisk "första hjälpen" balsam

Organic Rescue Gel


50 ml

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Aloe Vera

Olive oil

Devil's claw
Arnica montana



OrganiCare Rescue Gel


Vi har utvecklat vår organiska första hjälpen balsam för omedelbar smärtstillande , kylning och uppmjukning av huden. Vi har bifogat utmärkta örter som aloe vera, mentol, kamfer, kamomill, malva eller rosmarin i en roll-on behållaren så att det kan ge dig snabb hjälp vid reumatiska smärtor, muskelkramper och stammar, solbränna, insektsbett eller blockeras luftvägarna . Dess användning är lika perfekt efter sportaktiviteter, under utflykter och semester.

Organic Rescue Gel


Always have help at hand.
Finally, we would like to present the "first aid balm" Rescue gel, which contains excellent ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, menthol, camphor, chamomile, sage, rosemary, devil's claw, arnica montana. Due to its components it offers immediate relief from rheumatic pains, muscle spasms, and trains.
The ball-like formulation is easy to use and its conveniently small size allows you to fit it in a small space, so it can not only be part of the dispensary, but ideal on trips and your vacations. It provides fast help for burned skin or stings as it has an analgesic, cooling and soothing effect. It is worth trying applying to the chest since it provides relaxation to clogged airways.

Diligence and care

What they have in common is: quality, purity, effectiveness, and careful production, all with a captivating scent. Every member of the family can use our products, and are excellent for all skin types. They strengthen the skin's defense line, and restore it to that perfect balance. The active substances are grown on an organic farm with the utmost care. Fruits and leaves are hand-picked and prepared for processing, which takes place at low temperatures to ensure valuable vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols do not lose their strength. We do not use any chemical additives during the process. Every step of the production is continuously monitored, thus we can ensure high quality, and clean-rich products as the final result.

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