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Mega Zinc

Calivita Mega Zinc
100 tabletter

Zink är en av de mest viktiga spårämnen ; Det deltar i driften av flera enzymer. Det kan hittas i var och en av våra celler, men vår kropp inte lagra den och brist kan uppstå. Vi behöver zink kontinuerligt och i vissa fall - folk som bor i ett område där luften är förorenad, eller saknar en balanserad, blandad kost - det är värt att komplettera det i form av en modern formel.
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Mega Zinc - Zinkkelat för hälsan hos hud, hår, naglar och ben

Mega Zinc
Organic Zinc

Zinc is found in every cell of our body. It contributes to normal acid-base metabolism, normal carbohydrate and fatty acids metabolism, as well as normal protein synthesis. Zinc is important for normal functioning of our immune system, contributes to the preservation of normal hair, skin and nails, and maintains the normal testosterone levels in the blood. Zinc also contributes to normal cognitive functions and protection of cells from oxidative stress. 

Best before: see bottom.   


To whom and when do we recommend it?

Chelated zinc

Zinc is one of the most important trace elements; it participates in the functioning of several enzymes. It can be found in each of our cells, but our body does not store it and deficiency could occur. We need zinc continuously and in certain cases - people living in an area where air is polluted, or lacking a balanced, mixed diet - it is worthwhile to supplement it in the form of a modern formula.

Zinc is found in every cell in the body. Skeletal muscles and bones contain almost 90% of the total amount of zinc in the body, but a small amount of this element is found in the blood.

How does zinc work?

  • it is an essential element of enzymes
  • supports the protection of cells against the harmful effects of free radicals
  • supports the proper functioning of the immune system
  • helps in maintaining proper vision and cognitive processes
  • helps to maintain a healthy structure of the skin, hair, nails and bones
  • takes part in the process of cell division
  • helps in the proper synthesis of DNA
  • takes care of the proper acid-base balance of the body
  • has a beneficial effect on fertility and reproductive functions
  • helps to maintain the proper level of testosterone in the blood.

What influences the bioavailability of zinc

In the most modern preparations - such as Mega Zinc - zinc is present in the chelated form. In this form, it is maximally digestible, because the body copes best with chelated forms.
Calcium and higher doses of fiber can reduce zinc absorption.
The demand for higher doses of zinc occurs in the case of increased physical activity, hard physical work, in pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Who is particularly recommended for the best absorbable zinc?

  • People living in a polluted environment due to the antioxidant effect.
  • All people in the period of increased stress.
  • Athletes and people who perform hard physical work.
  • People who want to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails and bones.
  • People who use an improperly balanced diet.
  • Did you know that ... zinc also helps maintain proper carbohydrate metabolism?

One tablet of Mega Zinc provides as much zinc as 94 eggs.

food supplement Calivita Mega Zinc

100 tablets,55 g


Take 1 tablet daily with water after meal.

Mega Zinc active ingredients

Zinc 50 mg

Ingredients in 1 tablet (=serving size):    %NRV*

Zinc 50 mg                                                  500

*NRV = nutrient reference value

stabiliser (calcium phosphates), zinc bisglycinate, bulking agent (cross-linked sodium
carboxy methyl cellulose), anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

Keep out of reach of young children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet.
It’s important to follow a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Produced for: CaliVita International B.V. Beursplein 37, 3001 DC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Best before: see bottom
  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.
  • The absorption of zinc may be reduced by calcium, or high fiber intake.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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Mega Zinc

zinc bisglycinate

Tablets containing an organic zinc compound in the form of chelates, well absorbed and effectively used by the body. Zinc acts in our body as a traffic policeman. By supervising the work of enzyme systems, it influences many metabolic processes.

The action of zinc

It is an activator of more than 70 enzymes, the proteins that are responsible for instigating a variety of crucial biochemical reactions in the body. One of the enzymes that relies on zinc is insulin, which is essential for proper carbohydrate metabolism and energy. Zinc is necessary for proper cell division, making it a very important element for the immune system, where cell replication requirements are huge. Zinc also plays a vital role in the function of the reproductive organs, and contributes to the structural integrity of many proteins in the body. Lack of zinc in cell membranes makes the cell more susceptible to oxidative damage from free radicals.

Zinc is essential in protein synthesis and in the production of DNA. Supports the production of insulin (pancreatic hormone needed to regulate sugar metabolism). Plays an important role in maintaining acid-base balance. Ensures the proper development of reproductive organs and prostate function. Regulates the ability of muscles to contract. According to the latest research, zinc has a positive effect on brain function and the effectiveness of treating schizophrenia. It speeds up wound healing, helps in the treatment of ailments related to an enlarged prostate, and may also be useful in the treatment of infertility. It lowers the cholesterol level in the body, has a positive effect on the growth process and mental performance, and can help in the treatment of some mental disorders. It restores the taste sensation and removes white spots from nail plates. Experience shows that nutritional supplements with zinc and vitamin B6 can significantly help many men with potency disorders. For this reason, especially men should take care of the proper level of zinc in the body - regardless of whether they have prostate problems or not.

Giving zinc and magnesium to the elderly has a positive effect on their well-being. Women who have irregular periods should use zinc preparations before their doctor recommends hormone treatment. The main threats facing people living in big cities are lead and cadmium, which get into the air from car exhaust pipes and from cigarette smoke. With a reduced amount of zinc, the body takes up more lead and cadmium; but the opposite is also true: by taking zinc you can reduce the intake of these poisonous substances. Zinc is therefore a protection against the harmful effects of a polluted environment. Athletes need more zinc than the average requirement because they lose quite a lot of zinc during training and competition.

Natural sources of zinc

Zinc - ZnZinc, naturally occurring in shellfish, whole grains, sprouts, legumes, vegetables, and dairy products, is one of the most important trace elements for good health.

Zinc is stored in the body in small amounts, therefore there is a need for its regular supply. If it is not enough for just one week, muscle development slows down and the immune system weakens (ability to resist disease).

Zinc is not distributed evenly in the body. The brain, heart, and lungs tend to have more stable concentrations, while the amount in the blood, and in reproductive organs tends to vary according to the amount of zinc in the diet. Metabolic levels of zinc may be adversely affected by pollution, unbalanced diet, mental or physical stress, pregnancy, lactation, or illness.

  • Calcium and higher doses of fiber can reduce zinc absorption.
  • The demand for higher doses of zinc occurs in the case of increased physical activity, hard physical work, in pregnant women and during breastfeeding.
  • In the case of high zinc demand, it is recommended to take Mega Zinc.

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Mega Zinc
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