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Evening Primrose Oil - hemligheten för ungdomar

Calivita Evening Primrose Oil
Örtbaserade formler
100 gelcapsules

Jättenattljusolja har flera positiva effekter på vår kropp. Det bidrar till att hålla vår hud och hår frisk och ungdomlig och det kan vara ett utmärkt komplement till kost viktminskning. Det bidrar till en sund hjärt funktion och kan också vara användbara vid behandling av obehagliga symtom som föregår menstruation.
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Evening Primrose Oil - nattljusolja för frisk hud och hår

Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil contains 500 mg of pure evening primrose seed oil in each capsule.

To whom and when do we recommend it?

Pro-health effects of evening primrose oil

Evening primrose is a perennial plant native to North America, reaching about 1-1.5 m in height. Evening primrose oil contains 500 mg of pure evening primrose seed oil in each capsule. Evening primrose oil improves the appearance of skin and hair, increases the effectiveness of dieting, relieve unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and strengthens immunity.

Did you know that ... evening primrose oil, as a precursor of prostaglandins associated with various metabolic pathways in the body, may contribute to the regulation of metabolism?

Unsaturated fatty acids

Evening primrose oil contains two extremely important unsaturated fatty acids: gamma-linolenic acid and cis-linoleic acid, which are known for their beneficial properties.
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Cis-linoleic acid
Linoleic acid helps support cardiovascular health as it beneficially affects low density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. As well, linoleic acid has been shown to assist in fat metabolism and studies have suggested it may help improve the body’s lean muscle to fat ratio. Research has also suggested that linoleic acid may have a beneficial affect on the appearance and texture of the skin.

Gamma-linolenic acid
Gamma-linoleic acid may help maintain the health of the epithelium and connective tissues, thereby supporting healthy skin, and hair.
Evening Primrose Oil has several beneficial effects on our body. It helps to keep our skin and hair healthy and youthful and it may be an excellent supplement to weight loss diets. It contributes to healthy cardiac functioning and may also be useful in treating unpleasant symptoms preceding menstruation.

Vitamin E contained in the oil counteracts the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. Gamma-linolenic acid and cis-linoleic acid complement each other's action in the body.

Evening Primrose Oil is also an anti-oxidant, helping to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. As well, studies have indicated that it is useful in mitigating some of the unpleasant symptoms related to PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome).

Evening primrose oil for skin and hair

Evening primrose oil gives the skin and hair a healthy, youthful appearance. It can be an effective addition to a slimming diet, as well as helpful in relieving the unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It also supports our "inner health", participates in the work of the heart and joints. It also has antioxidant properties.

How do the active ingredients of evening primrose oil work?
  • help maintain skin elasticity (gamma-linolenic acid)
  • have a positive effect on the structure and functioning of mucous membranes (gamma-linolenic acid)
  • help maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood (linoleic acid)

Who do we especially recommend?
    • People who want to keep their youthful appearance as long as possible.
    • People who want to help maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood.
    • To support metabolism.
    • People who are on diets, during slimming treatments.

    food supplement Calivita: Evening Primrose Oil

    100 softgel capsules, 69 g


    1 softgel daily, with meal

    Evening Primrose Oil active ingredients

    Evening Primrose oil 500 mg

    primrose oil, gelatin

    Warnings: People taking medicines should consult their physician before consumption. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of young children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet

    Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

    Produced for: CaliVita International B.V. Beursplein 37, 3001 DC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Best before: see side of pack.
    • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement, especially if you have, or are being treated for any medical condition.
    • Supplementation with additional anti-oxidants may compliment this product, as unsaturated fatty acids are sensitive to the harmful effects of free radicals.
    • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
    • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
    • Keep out of reach of young children.

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    Evening Primrose Oil
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