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Calivita ImmunAid
För immunitet
180 kapslar

Immunsystemet : motståndet och styrkan i vår kropp bör kontinuerligt stöd; endast under nöd! Katten Claw i De aktiva agenter ImmunAid kan stödja den normala funktionen av vårt immunförsvar, hjälper bevara vårt motstånd.
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ImmunAid - Kattklo eller Vilcacora och zink för immunitet

immune health

ImmunAid is an herbal-mineral complex formulated for immunity support. It contains Cat’s claw, a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest where it has been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine to support immune system*. The mineral zinc supports the normal function of the immune system and contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


*Evaluation health claim is pending 

To whom and when do we recommend it?

The immune system: the resistance and strength of our body should be continuously supported; not only during distress! Cat’s Claw in The active agents of ImmunAid may support the normal functioning of our immune system, helping preserve our resistance.

Vilcacora and zinc

If the body's immunity decreases, it becomes more susceptible to the adverse effects of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria). Some people get sick more often than others. The solution will not come by itself, however. It is worth thinking about it in advance and supporting our defense system. Let's anticipate the disease before it surprises us! That is why it is worth strengthening your body in advance by using valuable ingredients.

ImmunAid is a herbal-mineral complex of active ingredients, which contains the strength of cat's claw and zinc.

Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) is a tropical vine native to the jungles of South America. It gets its name from the small, hooked thorns at the base of its leaves, which resembles the claws of a cat. Cultures native to the Amazonian Basin have considered Cat’s Claw a valuable herb for centuries. It is only recently that modern science has begun to explore this plants unique nutritional properties. Studies have indicated evidence that the alkaloids, tannins and phytochemicals in Cat’s Claw help support the production and activity of the lymph cells, and the overall optimum functioning of the immune system. It may also have exhibited some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cat’s Claw has also shown anti-oxidant effects.

Zinc provides nutritional support for the healthy functioning of the immune system, and participates in normal cell division.

How do the ingredients of ImmunAid work?

  • support the functioning of the immune system (cat's claw, zinc)
  • help to protect cells against the harmful effects of free radicals (zinc)
  • take part in the process of cell division (zinc)
  • help maintain a healthy structure of the skin, hair, nails and bones (zinc)
  • help in the proper synthesis of DNA (zinc)
  • ensure the proper acid-base balance of the body (zinc)

Cat's claw - Vilcacora
Cat's claw is considered one of the most effective substances supporting the immune system. Cat's Claw, also known as Vilcacora, has been used for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years by indigenous Ashanica Indians to treat a wide range of diseases related to the immune and digestive systems. The plant is known for its universal use, in herbal medicine it is an excellent medicine.

Vilcacora supports immunity
Cat's claw is a plant that reaches a height of about 30 meters. Modern science is still discovering its active ingredients and unusual properties. This plant is considered to be one of the most effective substances supporting the immune system.

How vilcacora alkaloids work
The main ingredients of vilcacora are various types of alkaloids that strongly stimulate the production of lymphocyte activity and the functions of white blood cells, removing foreign bodies, germs and pollutants.

The job of lymphocytes is to identify intruders in the body and take "appropriate steps" to kill them. They do the same with harmful substances that are foreign to the body, as well as with their own altered (sick or degenerated) cells.

How does vilcacora work
Some components of the cat's claw show diuretic and antipyretic properties, while others increase the activity of the parasympathetic vegetative part of the nervous system, i.e. help to relax. According to the latest research, it may also help protect against the SARS virus that causes pneumonia. In Europe, wilcacora has become the focus of attention mainly due to its properties that protect the body against the development of cancer. They also prove to be effective as additions to the conventional treatment for these diseases. Cat's claw also has an antioxidant effect.

What else is vilcacora used for
  • Diseases associated with dysfunction of the immune system,
  • Autoimmune disease (all kinds of allergies)
  • Sensitization (including skin),
  • Upper respiratory tract infection (viral infection),
  • Yeast, fungal infections, herpes zoster, herpes simplex,
  • Normalization of cerebral circulation in cases of cerebral thrombosis (dizziness, memory loss),
  • Prevents arterial thrombosis, thereby reducing,
  • risk of heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism,
  • Degenerative diseases of locomotor system,
  • Prevention and treatment of cancer,
  • Preparation also reduces the effects of chemotherapy.
Weakened immunity?

Who do we especially recommend?
  • People looking for continuous and effective protection of the immune system, especially in the autumn and winter season.

Cat's Claw - vilcacora for joints
Did you know ... Cat's Claw (vilcacora) also helps keep your joints flexible?

How zinc supports immunity
The second important ingredient of the product is zinc, which has a remarkable effect on the human immune system. Zinc actively affects the body's defense system and is also involved in the process of cell division. It increases the activity of cells that play a significant role in the body's immune system. These are mainly: phlegm cells (their task is to absorb and neutralize germs and other foreign bodies) and "immune memory cells" (they are formed after the first meeting with bacteria and viruses, and at the next meeting they remember about them, so they immediately start the production of specific cells for killing them and producing antibodies). Thus, zinc has a unique effect on the immune system that cannot be replaced by any other mineral. The less zinc in the body, the weaker the immune system will be. One of the effects of the deficiency will be susceptibility to infection.

food supplement Calivita: ImmunAid

180 capsules,99 g


Take 3 x 1 capsule daily with water 30 minutes before meal.

ImmunAid active ingredients

Cats claw bark powder (Uncaria tomentosa) 1200 mg
Zinc 18 mg

Inactive ingredients
Gelatin, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose.

  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any supplement.
  • This product is for adults only, and should not be taken if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • In case of ailments of the digestive system, or any kind of medical condition, or allergy, seek qualified medical advice before using this product.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

Keywords: Immunaid, Calivita, cat's claw, immunity, allergy, cancer, chemotherapy

Research on Vilcacora

The plant is known for its universal application and in herbal medicine is the perfect drug. The plant has been studied in a number of research institutions including: the University of Innsbruck (Austria), Research Laboratories (Peru), University of Munich (Germany), Huntington Research Centre (England), the Central Chemical Research Center (Hungary), the University of Milan and Naples (Italy).

Cat's Claw was patented by the Austrian scientist Dr. Klaus Keplinger in 1989 under the number 4,844,901 and in 1990 with the patent number 4,940,725. Richard Gerber, Ph.D., writes in the "Cats Claw Quarterly" that research carried out in Europe has shown that Cat's Claw has extremely low toxicity, even when used in very high doses.

Modern science has identified most of the plant's components, so the mechanism of how cat's claw works has been partially recognized. Some of its ingredients have strong antioxidant properties, which in turn explains the overall action of this plant. We owe its anti-inflammatory effect to the so-called phytosterols. Studies conducted at the universities of Naples and Salerno confirm the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and free radical killing properties of this plant.

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